Every day an achievement. Meet Juan Carlos and Francely.

Juan Carlos and Francely Gonzalez have been licensed foster parents with His House Children’s Home since 2013. The family recalls the day that the first child was placed in their home, “She arrived helpless and uncertain, but eager to be happy and that is where she blossomed.”

Having witnessed the results first hand, the family has taken a fervent view on fostering. They continue to see their purpose as one in which they provide guidance, demonstrate love, and help children navigate life with security, confidence, and optimism as they look forward to the future.

The impact that the family has seen is a positive one as they welcome children who are hurting and in need of love and security to their home. “Every day with them is an achievement. To see all the positive changes and be proud to say that we are a foster family … to watch them blossom in society as good people … we know that we have achieved our purpose in life.”

In addition to serving as foster parents, the family also provides respite care for children. For the Gonzalez family, as long as there is room, their home is always open to provide children a safe.

The family shares, “We are the example of God working through different people in different ways, but the same God who fulfills His purpose through them all.”

popdevteamEvery day an achievement. Meet Juan Carlos and Francely.