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The His House Foster Family Recruitment Program focuses on inviting and supporting families to open their hearts and homes to welcome children in need. His House provides extensive and ongoing comprehensive support services to foster families so that children may have a safe and nurturing home environment, often for the first time in their young lives. The organization recruits, trains, licenses and supports foster parents in addition to providing a multitude of other services and activities to preserve happy and safe placements.


Your questions about fostering will be answered at our next Foster Parent Orientation – Information Session  taking place in person on: January 4th at 6:30pm. Training Workshops will take place every Monday evening starting on January 8, 2024 from 6:30PM – 9:30PM on Zoom.
To save your spot, please email Dudly Decoste:

My team and I at His House are all about serving our children and those very special individuals and families that care for them.


Dudly Decoste

I joined His House Children’s Home February 2020 as the new Licensing Manager. I earned a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Florida International University and earned a graduate degree in social work from Barry University.

I have worked in the child welfare system for over 16 years starting my career as a case manager and moving up managing other case managers transitioning into the nonprofit sector. There I learned to have a greater understanding of the socio-judicial and educational needs and challenges faced by our biological parents.

This has given me a greater sense of appreciation for them and our foster parents who take on the incredible role of loving children in foster care by opening their homes and their hearts. My team and I at His House are all about serving our children and those very special individuals and families that care for them. From providing step by step guidance through the licensing process to providing support through the good times and challenging times, we are here for you. Please consider becoming a foster parent and changing the life of a child.


I have been very grateful to work with a strong and courageous organization that cares deeply about our families.


Channel Thompson

Before making the transition into the childcare system, I graduated from the University of South Florida and decided to become a Case Manager after graduating in 2020.

My experience working as a Case Manager for Miami-Dade County for approximately 1 year and a half, I then made the transition in becoming a Licensing Specialist. The best part of working in this system of care, is having the support of different resources and being able to learn from every one that I come in contact with.


I love working day in and day out to ensure we have quality foster homes.



I am a Licensing Support Specialist for His House Children’s Home. I have worked in the child welfare system for nine years and with His House for 6 years.

My passion always has been working with children since my childhood where I dreamed of becoming a pediatrician. Through this journey of life though, I found and accepted a position working with abused, abandoned, or neglected children.

Working as a case manager for Broward County’s lead agency as a case manager, I quickly realized that I could make more of a difference in a unique area of child welfare, which brought me to His House. I love working day in and day in support of our children and families to ensure all our children have a safe and outstanding quality of life.

I honestly pride myself in giving 110% to supporting and caring for our children while bringing awareness to the need of quality families and homes for our most vulnerable children.

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Meet our Foster Families

Every child deserves a safe place to call home

The Feliz Family

Reflections from a His House Children’s Home Foster Family.

Love finds a way

This young couple took a leap of faith and became foster parents. They knew there would be challenges, but love always finds a way.

Posted by His House Children's Home on Monday, January 14, 2019

Love finds a way

This young couple took a leap of faith and became foster parents.

Every Child Deserves a Family

The decision of becoming a foster family is a Blessing beyond words. For many foster kids, it is an answer to prayer that comes only through the grace of God who is allowed to shine is light of love and hope through you.

From the most seasoned to first time foster families, we all truly believe in providing full support to all our foster families 100% of the time. In fact, for many of us, the love and selflessness our foster families give to foster care youth is indeed inspiring. We are ready to assist in every way possible throughout this wonderful journey called foster parenting.

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To get started, please download and fill out a preliminary application and email it to Dudly Decoste:



Thank you

to our foster parents

A special Thank You to all our foster parents from His House Children’s Home and our friends at VOUS on Foster Parent Appreciation Month.

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