Meet Jacqueline

The role of a foster parent is essential in helping children heal from the trauma that brought them into foster care. Foster parents not only provide a loving and stable home, but they also teach children life skills so they can lead full and productive lives. Through the love, patience, and commitment foster parents provide, children are able to thrive and begin feeling simply like a kid again.

Little Michael has been with Jacqueline since 2018. Since then, Michael has only experienced Jacqueline’s agape love, patience and a deep sense of her commitment to his well-being. Like most foster parents, Jacqueline has experienced difficult personal circumstances and challenges, however, she has always demonstrated willingness to adapt and develop new skills along the way to provide the best care for Michael.

As a result, Michael sees Jacqueline as the one adult that has always been there through his most difficult times. She has ensured that Michael maintains communication with all the important people in his life and that he always feels and is loved like a child of her own. It is a pleasure and honor to nominate Jacqueline.

Children in foster care need a safe and loving family. To find out how you can become a foster family contact Dudly Decoste,

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