join us to pray for our children

We invite you to join us and others to pray for our children and the staff that help to restore their lives one day at a time. We know it is through the Grace of God that kids are able to regain hope and trust in others and go on to live productive lives. Your prayers for perseverance, faith, love and charity will help lift the spirits of our children and all those who care for them.


The His House Chapel service is a special time for our team to come together to pray for our children and for one another.  We are blessed to partner with several Christian churches throughout South Florida which provide praise and worship teams along with the Pastor that provides a message of hope and inspiration.   Due to the pandemic, we are currently providing virtual chapel services.  We invite you to join and pray with us!

Please connect with us on Facebook to join our next service!


By providing your email you will receive urgent requests for prayer, invitation to offer your special prayer during our Chapel Service and record a special message for our children during our 180 Youth Ministry Service.

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