Become a Volunteer

hhch-become-a-volunteer-headerVolunteers are valued members of our organization. Their gift of time enriches and broadens the services at His House Children’s Home. Monthly orientations are held on campus to educate volunteers on our mission and values. We match children’s needs with the talents and skills of faithful volunteers.

2 Simple Steps to Becoming a Volunteer

Step 1 - complete two background screenings:

All of our volunteers must complete a county background check (Must have a letterhead from Miami Dade or Broward County.) Completed at a local police station, the cost range is $5 - $13, payable in cash only. Please be sure to get a county not city background check. You can visit the following links for additional information:

Miami Dade


If you're 18 years or older- you must also complete a Live Scan Level II Criminal History Check at our His House offices by appointment only. (The fingerprints from the police station are not equivalent to a Level II Screening, fingerprints are done with volunteer coordinator at HHCH only.)

Fingerprints are by appointment only email Nicole Petralanda to make your appointment.

His House Children's Home
20000 NW 47th Avenue, Hector Building No. 2
Miami Gardens, FL 33055

Cost is $47.00 payable in Cash, Check or Money order payable to His House Children's Home.

If you're 16-17 years of age 2 Letters of reference are needed.


Step 2 - register for our volunteer orientation:

The second step in our registration process will be to register for our Volunteer Orientation.

All individuals must have been cleared prior to registering for orientation. Fingerprint screenings take approximately 2 -3 weeks at which time you will be notified of clearance by email.

In order to register for volunteer orientation, you MUST have completed your fingerprint screenings AND have been cleared. Upon clearance, you will receive a confirmation email with the link to register for volunteer orientation.

In addition all His House volunteers are required to wear Volunteer t-shirts used for identification purposes. His House Children's Home volunteer t-shirts are mandatory and available for a $10 donation.



Need More Information?

Contact our volunteer coordinators below:

Volunteer Coordinator

Nicole Petralanda: 305.430.0085 Ext 273

Activities Coordinator

Ashley Nicole Rolle: 305.430.0085 Ext 212