His House Services

His House provides residential care for at-risk children in a campus home-like setting and loving foster homes in the community. The goal is to restore the emotional and physical well being of children through and array of services in a loving nurturing environment.

Residential Services


Children in the foster care system need a safe and loving place they can call home. At His House, children in state custody are cared for in a cozy home-like setting.

Our model of care is unlike the typical residential program. Each cottage provides a home for eight or more children and are led by nurturing child care professionals. The children eat meals as a family, participate in memorable activities including life skills sessions preparing them for a brighter future.

We take a holistic approach in the care of each child meeting their emotional, physical and educational needs. Through the support of faithful volunteers and community partners we provide an array of services and activities to meet the children's needs, from in-house clinical services to volunteer tutors to assist with homework, every aspect is important to our model of care.

 "His House is a healing place giving wounded children a warm, loving home and renewed hope for a brighter future."

Expanding opportunities to SUPPORT EDUCATION

Children in foster care are often several grade levels behind their peers which creates frustration and causing behavioral issues to emerge. Nonetheless, education has the potential to markedly improve their life chances and their ability to contribute to society as productive adults. His House has launched an Education Support program which places a His House Behavioral Technician in three of the schools in which His House children attend. In this role, the Behavioral Technician supports the students and addresses behavioral problems. Prior to this program, students were frequently involved in conflict at school resulting in disruptions and suspensions. After the placement of a behavioral technician, altercations and suspensions were reduced by 98%.

Preparing teens for a BRIGHTER FUTURE

In an effort to better serve the older foster youth who are preparing to “age-out” of the system and transition to independence, His House recently transformed two of its residential cottages to “transitional” cottages. This achievement was essential in helping foster youth succeed and become self-sustaining. Past experience and current research reveals that this population is at extreme risk of poor life outcomes and perpetuating a cycle of poverty. The transitional living program teaches skills such as budgeting, cooking and nutrition, household management, vocational skills, and decision making skills. Within the positive peer culture created by this unique housing environment and with the guidance of a caring and supportive Life Coach, youth can better understand their choices and learn to map their future and lay the foundation for positive and productive futures. The youth gain knowledge and skills necessary to live self-sufficiently, through work experiences, practical life skills training and weekly support groups. Through the support of community partners, the program offers the opportunity to learn and apply skills in real-world settings through “internships”.

His House International


Designated by the Office of Refugee Resettlement, His House International was established in 2008 to care for Unaccompanied Children (UC) under the age of 18 who left their native countries due to gang violence, homelessness, economic hardship and abuse in the hopes of starting a new life in the U.S.

It is the program’s purpose to provide every UC client in care with a safe and nurturing family environment while expediting their case and corresponding documents for their timely reunification or release. In 2010, the agency also became a center for providing temporary care and expediting adoptions for orphaned children arriving from Haiti.

Foster Family Recruitment


Every child deserves a safe place to call home. The His House Foster Family Recruitment program was established in 1996 to expand residential services by inviting families in the community to share their own homes with children in need. His House recruits, trains, licenses, and supports foster parents.

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