Easter is a time to celebrate the love Christ demonstrated through his death and resurrection. It is a time of renewed hope; we are reminded of the promise to be restored and given a better future. The message of hope is desperately needed today and, in the days to come.

Easter is an opportunity to teach our children about the hope God offers us and how He makes all things new. At His House, we remind the children of the renewal, restoration, and new life promised to us through the love of Christ in his death and resurrection.

We also remind the children and their families that we serve a God of second chances. While children often come to us traumatized and brokenhearted from unhealthy familial circumstances, we work to restore the entire family and provide them an opportunity to be reunited whenever possible.

Some me ago, we shared the story of a sibling group consisting of 8-year-old twin sisters Monica and Maria, 10-year-old Sabrina, and 14-year-old Javier. The children were placed in foster care due to neglect, lack of supervision, and substance abuse.

Over the last three years, the His House team has worked to provide a stable environment for the children to heal while receiving therapy through our on-campus Clinical Department. It’s through your generosity that this is made possible.

Although their mother lost custody of the children, the Lord is giving her a new opportunity to regain custody and provide them with a safe, loving, and healthy environment. His House is instrumental in the process for this family, and so many like it.

In the case of this sibling family, their houseparent worked with their mother to facilitate weekly visitations with flexible hours that accommodated the mom’s work schedule. She also helped the children and their mother build a healthy relationship that would lead to reunification.

While the children were in our care, they lived out many lovely experiences that have eclipsed the terrible circumstances that led to their placement in foster care; nonetheless, for the last three years, they have yearned to be reunited with their mother.

Fortunately, their mom has been just as eager to regain custody, doing all she can to rehabilitate herself. Today she has an apartment and a stable job and is looking forward to the return of her children.
Because of the generosity of friends like you, the children will experience new hope for a new life with their mother this Holy season. This is a story of redemption, where the children arrived at His House with nothing but hearts full of brokenness and despair, yet now prepared to leave with clothing, toys, and most importantly, beautiful childhood memories.

We restore children’s lives daily through your generosity and the Lord’s guidance. While many children are not as fortunate to be reunited with their biological families, our team does its best to work very closely with families in the healing and restoration process for those who can.

Much like the holiday, this is a season of restoration and the beginning of a “new life” for this family of five. Children like Monica, Maria, Sabrina, and Javier desperately need the resources and comfort provided by His House Children’s Home–but we can only offer these life-changing services with the help of friends like you.

Your gift of $100, $50, $35 or even $25 – whatever you are able to give – will renew hope and joy into the lives of abandoned, abused or neglected children in South Florida.

Today I am asking you to send the most generous Easter gift you are able to send – His kids continue to depend on us!

Wishing you God’s blessing in this holy season,

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