Easter is a time to celebrate the love Christ demonstrated through his death and resurrection. It is a time of renewed hope; we are reminded of the promise to be restored and given a better future. The message of hope is desperately needed today and, in the days, to come, as we continue to fight the challenges of the COVID pandemic.

The children at His House look forward to renewal, restoration, and new life this Easter season as we celebrate the love Christ demonstrated through his death and resurrection. Through the Lord’s guidance, we continue to restore the lives of children daily. Children like Miguel, who at the tender age of six was abandoned by his mother and left to survive on the streets of Miami. For years, he and his brother begged for the most basic of needs.

After three years with no home, school, or adult care, Miguel entered the foster care system at the age of nine. At this point he was drinking alcohol and smoking – his innocence robbed – making the transition into foster care extremely challenging.

Miguel would run away from home daily and his behavior made it very difficult to find a proper placement. With few options left after four placements in three weeks, Miguel found himself in our loving arms.

At His House we rallied around him, providing a nurturing environment where Miguel could be well taken care of and find a sense of belonging. He continued to run away for several hours each day the first few weeks he was with us, but he would always return.

One morning a team member asked Miguel to join the rest of the kids for breakfast. He quickly responded, “I have to run across the street to make some money to buy food.” It took a month, but Miguel eventually began to trust that our team would take care of him. Miguel is now reassured daily by our team and the other children, that he can trust us and even hope for a better future. Today he is finally letting his guard down and participating in age-appropriate activities. After years of fighting to survive on the streets, Miguel has learned basic hygiene, showering, and wearing clean clothes every day. He also now eats at a table and is regularly attending school – things so many of us take for granted. Our team of clinicians is striving for his emotional restoration while helping him process and release the deep-rooted trauma he holds of not feeling wanted. Miguel’s behavior is improving daily. He is attending church on Sundays and looking forward to his very first Easter celebration. He was even able to participate in a recent outing where he rode a go-kart.

Much like Easter, this is a season of restoration and the beginning of a “new life” for Miguel. Children like Miguel desperately need the resources and comfort provided by His House Children’s Home – but we can only offer these life-changing services with the help of friends like you.

The ministry of His House makes a tremendous difference in the lives of the children we serve, and we feel blessed that God has called us to be a part of it.

Your gift of $100, $50, $35 or even $25 – whatever you are able to give – will renew hope and joy into the lives of abandoned, abused or neglected children in South Florida.

Today I am asking you to send the most generous Easter gift you are able to send – His kids continue to depend on us!

Wishing you God’s blessing in this holy season,

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