Serving the Lord through His Kids:


Serving the Lord through His Kids:

Keyner and Miriam Torres:

Keyner and Miriam have had the joy of caring for two children since being licensed as foster parents less than a year ago. According to the couple, their reason for becoming foster parents is the love the Lord placed in their hearts to “give to His angels on earth and to serve the Lord through His kids.”

In the spirit of the season, they shared that loving a child who needs someone to be present is not difficult for them as a family. “We view love as having patience, being kind toward others, not being selfish; we understand that it is not about us – it is about love for others.” The couple goes on to say, “ God first showed His unconditional love to us and we have to do the same for children who are going through hardships in their lives.”

Keyner and Miriam pray that others will follow in their footsteps and show unconditional love to children in need of a home. Their advice for anyone who is considering becoming a foster parent is to “remember what God has done for you and give grace based on the grace you have received from Him. When fostering is done from a loving and compassionate place, the fostering journey is not difficult to navigate and the joy is greater than the fear. It is all worth it to help a little angel!”

Is there room in your heart and your home?

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