One Child at a Time…

One Child at a Time…

One Child at a Time…

Dear His House Friend,

With the help of caring friends like you, the lives of 1,094 precious children and youth were changed at His House Children’s Home in 2017.

Throughout the year, we have provided loving homes, caring support, educational opportunities, vacations and play – all those experiences that are just part of being kids.

While the numbers are large and programs are important, at His House, we recognize that each child is loved by God and special. Every one of the children in our care has a unique story and needs. And we work hard every day of the year to provide loving care, one child at a time.

Derrick is a good reminder!

Four-year-old Derrick arrived at His House about 6 months ago. This was the first time he entered the foster care system, although he had a long history of exposure to domestic violence and neglect. He arrived with much fear and anxiety.

Since his arrival at His House, Derrick has experienced many wonderful “firsts” like Thanksgiving dinner, decorating for Christmas and writing a Christmas “wish list.” These positive experiences have helped to turn his turbulent childhood memories into a feeling of safety and peace.

Recently I saw Derrick playing outside and interacting with our guests at a Christmas Open House. I was really touched by his confidence, openness and the great joy he displayed, for you see, Derrick is missing part of one of his arms.

As they played together, neither Derrick, nor the other children seemed to notice or care that he was any different.

It really spoke to me of the nurturing and caring environment that each child experiences here at His House.

Today, I am writing to ask you to consider making a year-end gift to support the vital services provided every day of the year at His House Children’s Home.

In the busyness of this season, before you close this email, please consider the most generous gift you are able to give by December 31st. Your gift of $500, $250, $100, $50 or even $25 will truly make a difference!

Please click here right now to make your gift

As His House Children’s Home begins its 29th year of caring for children in need, we are grateful for your support and friendship. Thank you in advance for considering a gift at this time.

Happy New Year,



Silvia Smith Torres
Executive Director

P.S. Kids like Derrick are counting on us – please make your year-end gift today!