National Foster Care Month Wrap-up – Celebrating the LOVE of FAMILY!

National Foster Care Month Wrap-up – Celebrating the LOVE of FAMILY!

Celebrating the LOVE of FAMILY!

On May 21, we had the privilege of celebrating our faithful foster families at the His House Annual Foster Family Appreciation event. This fun-filled afternoon included the fellowship of foster parents, very moving testimonials and fun activities for the children. Former foster parent, Heather Funk, inspired everyone as she shared her own family’s journey with foster care and adoption.

The event was full of many surprises.  Salsa instructor, Alex Bezianis, provided a special dance class for the families and children.  Hallandale Beach Fire Rescue made a special visit with their fire truck to the delight of the children. We were also honored to have Commissioner Anthony A. Sanders visit the event.

There are no words to truly capture the gratitude His House Children’s Home has for our foster parents. We confidently describe our foster parents as “assertive, compassionate and graceful” in the adversities of the child welfare system. Many view the task of being a foster parent as a ministry – a commitment to God and quality that separates our foster parents from the rest.

Foster parents give us hope that the world is a good place and show us that when people are asked to stand up for others, they do. Being a foster parent is not an easy task, but our parents do it so beautifully and with such love in their hearts. We thank God for EACH ONE OF THEM every single day. They take care of our most vulnerable children and for that, we honor them this month – and every month hereafter. We want to be sure they understand the value they have in the lives of these children and the professionals they work side by side with.

It was an amazing event for amazing people!

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