Meet the Medina Family

The Medina’s would stop at nothing for their foster sons.

The family has been fostering for three and a half years, and in that time, they have met every challenge with dedication and grace, never shying away from the most difficult of cases.

A co-parenting approach allows for their unwavering presence for their foster children, despite the demands that accompany driving to two or three visitations per week.

The family has loved largely and released willingly, whenever needed, knowing they may have to say goodbye to children they genuinely care for at a moment’s notice. They’ve never tried to control the uncontrollable circumstances that come with fostering, and their grace is ever-present.

The Medina’s source of strength comes from the Lord. As a family, they always conquer the challenges of fostering together and maintain open lines of communication, keeping team members abreast of everything.

The Medina’s would stop at nothing for their foster sons. This has been made evident through their continued devotion, despite behavioral challenges they’re faced within the past two years.

The family loves the boys as their very own, and weariness aside, they have never complained or waivered in their involvement. They consistently meet challenges with humor and loads of love. It is a pleasure and an honor to nominate this family. They deserve the very best. We need more foster families like the Medina’s.

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David CastrillonMeet the Medina Family