Meet Tanishia & Roderick

Tanishia and Roderick Stokes have served as dedicated foster parents for the past six years. In that time, they have cared for more than five children, adopted two and are currently fostering one.

Met with many challenges along the way, the Stokes have risen to every occasion with grace and love. Their current foster son has three siblings who they’ve made it a priority to see as often as possible; certainly, more than the minimum required visitations call for. But making this come to pass hasn’t been easy.

Accommodating schedules outside of what is required. Changing their plans around. Meeting at closer locations to the other family. Organizing the entire visit in advanced. These are all efforts the Stokes have made to ensure the siblings don’t miss out on spending time with each other and being a part of major family events.

The Stokes are constantly striving to do the very best by any child they cross paths with. Their unwavering dedication to the children makes evident how passionate they are about family and sibling bonds.

Children in foster care need a safe and loving family. To find out how you can become a foster family contact Dudly Decoste,

Adrienne SimeonMeet Tanishia & Roderick