Meet Henry & Sarah

Henry and Sarah have been foster parents for a little more than a year. They exemplify what it means to foster children in our system of care. They advocate for the children’s daily and long-term needs, they are present not just in the home but also in school settings, with therapists and the biological family. They are working toward what is in the best interest of the children in their home.

We are grateful to be fostering with His House on this journey because we too get to be a part of God’s plan and His House’s mission of bringing wholeness and restoration to the lives of our boys and their family. We met the boys on a Tuesday and Covid lockdown started on a Friday, so it has been a particularly unique last 15 months for us and the boys. But we’ve been able to see them grow both physically (literally inches) and emotionally and have done quite a bit of growing ourselves. We just finished the school year strong and are looking forward to a fun summer of adventures.

We need more foster parents like Henry and Sarah. Learn how you can become a foster parent by contacting Dudly Decoste:

Adrienne SimeonMeet Henry & Sarah