Meet Bryanna

Bryanna entered the foster care system along with her six siblings a few years ago after experiencing abuse, neglect, and drug exposure. Despite the odds of success stacked against her, Bryana’s determination for a better future helped her achieve the monumental task of graduating from high school.

This past May, we celebrated many graduations, far more creatively due to current social distancing guidelines. But for most children in foster care, these celebrations are not a reality. The drop-out rates are three times higher than other low-income children, and only 50% reach graduation.

Bryanna beat those odds, and we were blessed to have celebrated her graduation at His House.

Together with her His House family and the help of a dear friend of the organization, we celebrated this great milestone. The festivities included a spectacular graduation parade – by far the best part! She was so grateful that she could not hold back the tears!

Bryanna is now college-bound and despite having the opportunity to attend any state school, she chose to enroll at Miami Dade College to stay close to her siblings; a true testament to the remarkable young person that she is.

popdevteamMeet Bryanna