Measured By The Strength. Meet Carolina and her family.

“My husband and I had often considered the possibility of adopting a child, or at least having foster children in our home, in order to help kids in need.
Originally, we expected to adopt a child from Colombia, our native country, but we found out that it was too difficult and expensive.
We had friends who were foster parents and we knew a bit about their experience. We were definitely interested. But even though we thought about it frequently, there always seemed to be other things that distracted us from actually starting the process of becoming foster parents.

Until one Sunday we were at church. At the end of the mass, a couple was speaking and introduced His House and its foster parents’ program. At that moment, we both knew it was time for us to get started.

The licensing process at His House was extraordinary. We learned a lot about the situations that kids are coming from and how much we would be able to help. The staff at His House were a tremendous help and made the licensing process easy for us.

Initially, we had decided to foster a girl between 2 and 7 years of age, since those are the ages of our biological children. We, as well as the staff we were working with, agreed that those would be the best ages for us to foster.

After the process was finished, we were asked a few times if we were open to foster particular children, but the process was never completed for one reason or another.

One day we were asked if we were willing to take a 7-month-old boy. My husband and I decided that we were open to that option if it was God’s will.

And so far, the experience with Michael, our foster baby angel, has been marvelous. He is a happy little boy and he has enriched our lives so much. Our children are extremely fond of him and he has become an integral part of our family. Everybody in our extended family is also very happy we are doing this and they also love baby Michael.

We thank God for this opportunity He has given us, and we hope to be able to fulfill it in the best way we can.”

A true hero is not measured by his physical strength but by the strength of his heart. Thank you Carolina and Pedro for being a HERO for baby Michael!

popdevteamMeasured By The Strength. Meet Carolina and her family.