Making an impact for eternity:


Making an impact for eternity:

Meet Chris and Jessica…

Seeing Chris’ parents become medical foster care providers inspired Chris and Jessica to become volunteers at one of the His House cottages in the early days of their marriage. At first, Chris would bring his students for service hours, but it quickly turned into an activity for his family. They brought meals and group games, but soon realized that one-on-one attention was what the kids really wanted.

The couple was especially impacted by the babies and toddlers who wanted to be held and carried from the moment “God put the thought in our minds and on our hearts then that we could impact one little life by bringing him or her into our home.”

Chris and Jessica have been foster parents since December 2014 and have had 2 placements. Their first placement was for only one week; however, they developed a friendship with the family member with whom the little girl was permanently placed and are privileged to receive pictures and updates, and see her from time to time.

Their second placement is a foster daughter who has been with them for 15 months. The couple shared, “The moment we received both placements, we felt an immediate love and connection with the little strangers who were just brought to our homes. But we are living the most awesome experience right now. Our foster daughter is beautiful, thriving, and healthy. She is very attached to our family and especially our 3-year-old daughter, and her happy and playful personality is blossoming. She loves to play peekaboo, roar like a lion, play chase, and read books.”

Chris and Jessica feel that their biggest challenges are the “what ifs” and not having control or total knowledge of the children’s situation. But when they become scared or sad, they rely on and “remember God’s love and that He loves her infinitely more than we ever could; His purposes are above ours and His timing is perfect.” Another challenge is communication with their foster daughter’s birth family and having empathy for where they are coming from. “We’ve had to trust God to help us in uncomfortable situations, and humbly asked that He give us love and compassion for them, and He has been faithful to do just that.”

They would encourage others to make sure each family member is ready and understands that their normal routines will change. “Prepare yourself, like when you go to get your driver’s license renewed, that at times, you will be frustrated and will have to wait. But there will also be times of incredible joy.” Important to also know is that, “whether you love and care for a child for one week, one month, one year, or a lifetime, the love of Jesus that you will show them can make an impact for eternity.”

Is there room in your heart and your home?

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