His House Hosts 4th Annual Pastoral Luncheon

February 18, 2016 - On Thursday, February 18, His House Children's Home hosted its 4th Annual Pastoral Luncheon “‘Hope For The Fatherless” on their campus. Amongst the gathering were 26 Pastors representing 20 churches in Dade and Broward County. The keynote speaker Sr.Pastor Brian Burkholder of Hollywood Community Church reminded Pastors in attendance their responsibility to care and not neglect the “weak and the fatherless”.

The day began by worshipping and praying during our Chapel Service. Pastor Charles Taylor from the Journey Church in Miramar along with his wife, Keisha leading us in singing, set the tone for the rest of day. Everyone at Chapel expecting to hear a message on prayer, but were surprised instead by practicing the presence of God. Several of the staff were asked to volunteer and pray from the application of, adoration, confession and supplication from Nehemiah 1:5-7. Little did our Development Team and the rest of the staff know, God was at work in our hearts and preparing us for what was ahead.

Slowly the Pastors from the community started arriving promptly at 11am for the luncheon. During our welcome the mission "defending the cause of the weak and fatherless" was shared along with our core values. Our core values represents the heartbeat of our ministry. In serving with e compassion, excellence, integrity, love and hope demonstrates how precious and valuable the children at His House are to us.

Pastor Linda Freeman shared "Psalms 23" during the invocational prayer expressing the need for Pastors to join our efforts in the recruitment of Christian foster parents. After the prayer we had a delicious lunch, several pastors arriving late, expressed surprise and how friendly the cottage atmosphere was. Our Executive Director Silvia Smith Torres informed the Pastors, how critical the crisis of children living under foster care system were in. The Licensing Department Director Liz Anon and Supervisor Robin Briseno introduced their staff and provided compelling reasons why we needed Christian Foster Parents. Next up was Agnes St.Preux a former foster care child and former resident of His House giving all the Pastors in attendance a graphic detail of life as a fatherless child.

Finally, our keynote speaker Sr. Pastor Brian Burkholder of Hollywood Community Church preached on bringing Hope for the Fatherless" from John 10, The Good Shepherd, emphasizing "verse 16, other sheep". The part in which Pastor Brian came across so real and broken, was when he shared his testimony as a foster parent. With tears running down his eyes, he poured his words into the hearts of all Pastors in attendance. Needless to say, all ladies and even some Pastors were drying their tears from their eyes. It was powerful and loving moment hearing a man speak so passionate about how a foster child capture his heart and broke it. Every Pastor came away wanting to do something in regards to the plight of foster children.

In the end, all the Pastors were presented with our "Seeds of Kindness" Banquet Packet taking place on Saturday, April 16, 2016. A total of 26 Pastors comprising of 20 churches in Dade and Broward County attended our 4th Annual Pastoral Luncheon. Truly a phenomenal day practicing hospitality and love in fellowship amongst believers. Our God heard and responded to the petitions of His House.

Presently, there are over 7,000 children in Foster Care, waiting for foster parents. If you would like to know more information on how you can impact the life of a child in Foster Care please contact Marisol Moreno at