Barbers' Ink Gives His Kids Haircuts

Arde Church at His House

January 12, 2016 - On Tuesday January 12th, George the owner of Barbers' Ink in Miami Lakes partnered with ReMax Reality to provide an unforgettable memory for our boys to get haircuts and dinner. The barbers at Barbers Ink showed so much care and precision for the boys haircuts.

Kids in Foster Care are facing so many challenges emotionally that their self-esteem is greatly affected with their inability to get the proper haircuts and grooming that they need.

The boy’s faces and esteem changed instantly as they got their haircuts. The barbers provided a great experience taking extra time, love and care for each child. The kids loved their new hair style and were very thankful with the barbers for taking such good care of them.

Activities like this not only teach and provide our boys with hygienic values but helps them create important socialization skills and build their confidence. Thank you Barbers' Ink and ReMax for coordinating this wonderful life experience.

To provide more life experiences, sponsor an activity, or if you are a Barber and Hairstylist and want to get involved to offer your services please contact Carrie Franklin or 305-430-0085 (Ext 212).