Maggie Rose Salon Opens Its Doors to His Kids

Arde Church at His House

December 2015 - His House Children’s Home is very grateful for the support of Maggie Rose Miami Salon. Once every month, they close their salon to their customers to give our girls the experience and memories of going to a salon to get their hair done. This would never be possible without the generous hearts of the team from Maggie Rose.

The stylists go above and beyond for our girls, doing hair treatments and styles – even styles that take 3 hours – as well as planning breakfast, lunch or dinner for the nearly 35 girls who spend part of their day at the salon.

Appearance means so much to our girls – building both self-esteem and motivation. The time and attention donated by the Maggie Rose team truly plays a role in restoring and healing in our kids’ lives!

If you are a hair stylist for girls or guys and would like to make a difference in the lives of the children we serve, we could use your help too! Find out more by reaching out to Carrie Franklin at or 305-430-0085 (Ext 212), or Judith Avila at or 305-430-0085 (Ext 273).