Snuggle Delivery For His Kids

Arde Church at His House

October 31, 2015 - On October 31st, The Miami Marlins partnered with the Broward Humane Society to bring smiles to our kids. The Marlins organized a creative activity and brought the Broward Humane to do an event called ‘Snuggle Delivery’ where they bring a mixture of puppies who are up for adoption and older rescues to come and visit for a few hours.

Each of our kids got to spend some time holding, feeding, and playing with the puppies and dogs.

This was truly an exceptional activity that was not only fun but therapeutic for our kids who are going through healing and restoration.

We can’t thank the Marlins enough for being such a blessing to our kids!

If you would like to schedule an activity for the kids at His House or bring another snuggle delivery please contact Carrie Franklin at or 305-430-0085 Ext 212.