Cottage Makeover with Cargill Americas

September 19, 2015 - On Saturday, September 19, over 30 employees from Cargill Americas joined together to make a difference by sponsoring and participating in a Cottage Makeover. With the hundreds of children that call His House their home, the need to replace bedding, furniture and general household items is constant. Only through the generosity and hands of loving volunteers combined, is how we are able to organize these types of projects.

All of the Cargill departments who so lovingly participated in this act of kindness are a clear representation of the social responsibility and exceptional work ethic that is a great part of the Cargill mission.

We can’t say enough about the incredible team effort and dedication the volunteers displayed while helping clean, organize and decorate the cottage. The volunteers also sponsored a delicious lunch and concluded the day with a fun filled soccer match for our boys on campus.

On behalf of the entire His House family, we thank Cargill for their ongoing contributions to our community and most importantly for completely transforming a space that hundreds of children will be proud to call their home!

If you would like to impact the lives of kids by getting your company involved in a service opportunity please contact Iris at Can't wait to hear from you!