A True Calling...


April 2015 - The moment Carolina Bravo found out about His House Children’s Home, she knew the Lord had called her to bless and pour into the lives of our girls.

She was particularly touched by the story of so many of our children, who bravely cross the border and arrive to the United States in search of a better future, and escape violence and poverty. She decided to reach out to the young girls in our care that have gone through this ordeal, and make a difference in their lives.

Following her heart, and with the strength and initiative that characterizes her, it was not long before she organized her group of friends, and recruited the help of her local church El Rey Jesus to materialize her ideas. This is how Carolina started a Ministry that month by month comes with wonderful activities, amazing gifts, a word from God, and lots of love.

To this date Carolina has ministered the lives of many of our girls. Her work is remarkable and beautiful. The His House Family is beyond thankful for her faithfulness and support!

If you want to know more about Carolina and her ministry take a look at her blog.


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