Believers World Outreach Bring Missionaries to UAC...

Believers World Outreach comes to His House Children's Home

March 9th, 2015 - On March 9th 2015 through March 13th 2015 Believers World Outreach Brought Missionaries from California and NY to share a week of fun and love with our UAC International Children.

After School the Group Provided worship and devotions every day to share with our kids that reminded them of all the great things the Lord has planned for our kids’ lives. The team also joined the guys for soccer after school every day while the other part of the team joined a few of our kids to assist with one on one tutoring. 

The team brought some amazing arts and crafts for our teen girls that made them feel special, beautiful, and lifted their self-esteem. Our Kids lives are truly enriched from all the encouragement Believers World Outreach shared with our kids!

If you would like to plan a service project for His kids please email Karen at