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Saxon Business Systems at His House Children's Home

March 2nd, 2015 - On March 2, over 30 volunteers from Royal Caribbean International chose His House Children’s Home to impact as part of their Community Service Day. The volunteers were a clear representation of the social responsibility and exceptional work ethic that’s an evident part of the Royal Caribbean International culture.

From decorating and reupholstering furniture to landscaping and rehabbing the veggie garden, we can’t say enough about the incredible team effort and selflessness the Royal Caribbean volunteers displayed. They all worked together to revamp the spaces that will provide and warm and cozy feel for hundreds of children in need of a loving home. The highlight of the day was when the children were surprised with the game system that the team spontaneously ran out to buy for them! That was such a personal and special gesture that the children will never forget.

The children of His House are blessed immensely because of the contributions loving people pour into their lives. WE THANK Royal Caribbean International for being that blessing in organizing this memorable day!

Thoughts about His House Cottage 33 Refurbishment Team Building

"What a great day this turned out to be! I really didn't know to expect, I figured I was in for another day of painting walls and/or planting trees/ bushes. Much to my surprise the experience awaiting me at His House was totally different. I have never sewn so much in one day ever before! We completely turned that house into a place that will help those kids begin to understand that even though they went through a harrowing journey and far way from their families here in this space they are safe and have a home."
"Seeing the smile on the children as they walked thru their newly transformed/cleaned up home was very rewarding. As a human being our mind is trained to look at the bad before we look at the positive, these kids are so vulnerable and have left everything they have behind to come an live a dream, “The American Dream” taking risks at such early age that most of us would think about twice- this is very admirable. I learned that these children may sit in the system from months to years before they are placed in adoption and or go on their own way assisted by the Federal government; only to hope they do make the right choices. His house, offers them a place they can call their home."
"To say the least, it was humbling and fulfilling. Personally, it was a very emotional day and I haven't been able to stop thinking about the kids and wondering how they are feeling tonight. Knowing that we had something to do with creating a wonderful memory for them is very special. For the next few days, every time they look around their house and definitely when they play with their play station they will remember us. I was thrilled that my husband and children had the opportunity to come over and see what we accomplished and even more so, that Javier and Ryan stayed behind and played soccer with the boys. Javier loved the project and is definitely interested in going back. Ryan had plenty of questions about the boys and even Ayelette being as young as she is asked me if they had shoes and parents. At one point, I caught her counting the boys as if she planned on purchasing something for them....more tears. We are fortunate and blessed beyond belief. The staff at His House is quite special and so dedicated. It made me feel great that although the circumstances that has brought these kids there are horrifying, they have ended up in a wonderful place. One that offers a clean place to live surrounded by caring people who are providing them with opportunities they probably never even dreamed of. After Ryan's soccer practice tonight, I mentioned to his coach about today's activity and how Ryan was able to participate with the kids and he was thrilled. He asked me to send him some information as he would like to coordinate something with the team and His House. He wanted to know how Ryan felt and stated that he really appreciates when his kids get involved in activities like that. About being with the team, it was great. You know that our team together is always magical, and with Artur's team joining it was a great experience. There are some lovely folks in that team that I'm pleased to know, while others it was great getting to know them, sharing a glance and tears of course (told you it was an emotional day). I was pleased to hear very positive comments from both teams and it seemed that we kept wanting to do more and more - cleaning, sewing, purchasing the play station, you name it. Again, thank you so very much for this amazing opportunity!"
"We shared a day that only our hearts can quantify individually for each of us, but the truth is. That all was in the expression and eyes of those young men that in my opinion offered me far more than I had to offer them. More importantly the honest and untainted appreciation is what we all shared and took with us, only to also appreciate each other day to day."
"I found this quote to be a perfect reminder of what we accomplished yesterday: "Blessed are those that can give without remembering and receive without forgetting." - Author Unknown"


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