Empowering Kids for the Future!

January 29th, 2015 - On January 29, we began a new program, “The Creative Circle”.  Designed by our in-house Service Project Coordinator Dee Irving, this unique program would allow her the opportunity to share her creative ability and quirky techniques with the ultimate goal of directly impacting kids’ lives in a different way.  

“The Creative Circle” is aimed to inspire young people to design and create existing items into new purpose. Through this process, students that are at-risk and display behavioral issues, have the opportunity to express their creativity through repurposing and up-cycling donated or discarded items.  This outlet allows students to re-claim sense of purpose and broaden their perspective by incorporating the skills learned into their designs and in real life experiences.

“Ms. Dee” as known to her student’s, is amazed on how quickly the children have responded and looks forward to many amazing projects. Their hope is to eventually feature some of their work in a public setting.

If you would like to contribute materials and equipment (wood; scrap metal; tile; power tools) towards this project, please feel free to contact Dee Irving directly a