Foresters Complete Cottage Makeover

Kakes for Kids

June 2, 2014 - Foresters, an international financial services provider, completed a cottage makeover that will provide a safe place to call home to an additional 18 children. On Monday, June 2nd, over 90 Foresters volunteers transformed a cottage into a beautiful, cozy home.

The group worked in record time, through a sudden rain storm, to complete a multi-site service project. The project included a cottage makeover where 7 bedrooms, a kitchen, dining room, living room and bathrooms were all made over. The entire home was cleaned and beautifully decorated. They even assembled new furniture and appliances. In addition to providing the volunteer manpower, Foresters purchased furniture for the home including all the decorative items needed to make the house a home. Simultaneously, at two other sites, groups of Foresters volunteers organized hundreds of donated food items at the on campus pantry as well as sorted through and organized over 1400 pounds of donated clothing. In just 2 hours, all the projects were completed and they even baked cookies for the children!

Abused, abandoned and neglected children need a safe place to call home during turbulent times in their lives. Through their contribution of time and resources, Foresters did just that, provided a safe place to call home to children in need. We are so happy to have Foresters as a partner in restoring the lives of hurting children.

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