Young Fundraisers Make a Difference at His House!


May, 2014 - We found out about his house through my mother Dr. Pages who took me once for a tour and to donate clothing and toys we had collected for Christmas. I loved seeing and interacting with the children and this is when I realized how marvelous the charity His House truly is.

At the time my friend Brooke and I were the presidents of a club at school so we decided it would be amazing to try and raise money by having a bake sale at school. After this bake sale we made $285 dollars and it was already the end of the school year but Brooke and I decided we couldn't stop there so we asked family and friends if they were willing to match our check for 285 dollars. In total we ended up raising $1,535 dollars!!!! We encourage more of you to start a club at school or have a bake sale or garage sale.

I know that we will continue to help the kids at His House and you should too! It takes one person to make a difference and I encourage you to be that one person and see how big of an impact you can make. We had an amazing time helping out and we would like to thank all the workers and supporters of His House who make a difference every day.

Love, Paulina Pages & Brooke Miller

Thank you @luzmarinabarros-pages for making a difference in the lives of His Kids!

If you would love to start a drive, give back and get involved with His House Children's Home, reach out to us at:

or dial 305.430.0085, Ext. 209