Miami Marathon 2014

Run for His Kids

On February 2nd, 2014 a group of champions woke up with one goal in mind – to cross the finish-line at the Miami Marathon! As they tuned their minds into the next 13.1 miles or 26.2 miles ahead, their adrenaline pumped and their hearts raced, all with one purpose. The look on their faces said it all! Run for His Kids! Each runner gave it everything they had, physically, mentally and emotionally.

On behalf of His kids, we want to congratulate all the determined and
committed runners for this past Sunday's victory at the Miami Marathon 2014!

We are very proud of you and your success, all for His Glory!

Here is what our runners had to say!

"What motivated me to run was the years that I have been doing work for His House and Jean's commitment, really. If I had to just use one word, my wife and myself are so impressed by the work that she's done and how she's devoted her life to this, that I could not imagine. And I had things to do yesterday and this week and it's been crazy but how can I not do this considering that someone has devoted their entire life to these children…and that was, that's all I needed. I pretty much did it!" -Jose (Joe) Renaud

"My motivation for this run is very simple, it's for the kids, for His house and for everyone who dedicates their life for the kids" - Daniel

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