Celebrating the Gift of Family... Foster Parent Appreciation Luncheon

On Saturday, June 22nd, His House honored over 60 of its foster and adoptive parents who have been lights of hope for wounded children: Read more below:

On Saturday, June 22nd, His House honored over 60 of its foster and adoptive parents who have been lights of hope for wounded children.

The third annual Foster Parent Luncheon – "Celebrate the Gift of Family" was a time of fun, appreciation and inspiration as "Mama Jean" shared how children grow and heal in the security of caring families. We celebrated the event at the exotic Jungle Island where kids enjoyed arts and crafts, animal shows and face painting while their parents savored a delicious lunch and were blessed with a break from their busy schedules.

God has moved in Jean's heart to discover new ways to keep siblings together while in foster care. The appreciation luncheon was another way to cast this vision as well as inspire families to trust God to help them serve in an even greater capacity. One of the families which served as encouragement to the rest of the group had just received a sibling group of five young girls into their home earlier that week. The couple had come for just the newborn baby and her two year old sister, but walked away with "a treasure" as Jean put it. She went on to encourage the care of "His kids" by saying "if we really believe that children are a reward*, a prize, a treasure from God and we believe that He is their Father as His Word says that He is father to the fatherless, then these are not ordinary children, they are extremely special and caring for these little ones in our homes is such a privilege and blessing!".

This year His House served 49 sibling groups on campus which represent 179 children. They include:
16 groups with 2 siblings
12 groups with 3 siblings
15 groups with 5 siblings
6 groups with 6 siblings

We are determined to stir up the compassion in hearts of active foster families as well as those who have never thought of being "family" to children who need a home. For siblings especially, it is doubly important that they not lose each other, having already experienced tremendous loss with a removal from their biological family. Will you respond to this need? Support we can provide; letting God use your home is up to you. Sharing the gift of hospitality with a child is similar to hosting Jesus in your home. You will be blessed beyond measure by giving a child a place to call home, the sense of belonging, and the love and attention that changes his or her life.
*Psalm 127:3

For more information how you can become a foster family please contact our Licensing team at: 305 430-0085 ext. 237

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