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On May 29, 2013, the His House Academy celebrated their graduation ceremony. Though it is common for the average foster child to fall three grade levels behind, the faith-based private and accredited school proved that with care, love and a quality education: Read more below:

On May 29, 2013, the His House Academy celebrated their graduation ceremony. Though it is common for the average foster child to fall three grade levels behind, the faith-based private and accredited school proved that with care, love and a quality education, academic success is possible! Many improvements have prevailed through prayer and hard work as 18 students graduated this year!

250 people attended to support the kids and special guest speaker, Don McNeal, shared inspirational words, encouraging the children to dream big. During the ceremony, children were recognized for their diligence, efforts and progress. With bright smiles on their faces and much excitement, they each proudly picked up their metals, diplomas and certificates. "We see their potential and strive to bring out their very best, teaching them that no matter what they have been through, if they study hard, they can be whatever they dream," says the school Office Manager, Mercy Ayala.

Opened in 2004, His House Academy exists to challenge students in grades 5K through 8th to become well-balanced individuals by providing a holistic education for mental, physical, social, and spiritual development. His House Academy currently has open enrollment! The Academy offers an accredited quality private school education for at-risk children from 5k-8th grade, free after school program, small classroom setting, individualized attention, high academic standards, specialized setting for managing behavior, transportation, and McKay & Step-Up Scholarship Recipients are accepted. Please contact Erika Tegtmeyer -Lozano at 305.430.0085, ext. 265 or Mercy Ayala at 786.897.7353 to schedule your tour of the academy today!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our friends who have made the His House Academy program possible. Help us to continue to provide an exceptional academic experience by becoming an education partner today. Write to imarrero@hhch.org .

Graduate Testimonies:
I remember when I first came to His House Academy three years ago. I was introduced to a teacher, Ms. Hernandez. She taught me a lot of things like how to find Bible verses; she also gave me helpful advice and corrected me when I acted up. Ever since I came to this school, I've noticed something. I've noticed that my grades have gone up and I've been working a lot more than I ever did at my old school.

The reason I came to His House Academy is because I wasn't doing well at my previous school. I didn't understand most of what they were teaching me, and I also didn't pay attentions to the teacher either. But all that stopped when I came to His House Academy. I think that the teachers here are the best. They are nice to you and come to you if you need help. The classes are from thirteen to seventeen students although all subjects are in one class.

The teachers know what they are doing. Unlike my past school, the His House Academy schedule is different. Besides all subjects being in one class, we take a break at 10:00 a.m., which they call "snack time." I like His House Academy, it's basically my home, because I spend more time here with my friends and teachers than at home.

Since I came here I was taught to pray, look up verses and ask God for help and forgiveness. I was told that if I have problems in my life, I should just pray to God and He will help me out. They also taught me that God doesn't always answer prayers at the time we want, but when He knows it's time for us. I believed in God but not as much as them until I came here. Throughout my time here I heard of Him, read of Him, and prayed to Him. Because of that I began to come close to Him.

Now, I know why I came here. It was God's plan for me to come here. He wanted me to be influenced by the teachers and the program. Every day I pray to God in the morning with my class. We give honor tot the American Flag, the Christian Flag, and the Holy Bible. Even though I've had some difficult times at His House Academy, because of praying and with help from the staff, I was closer to God in a strong way.

In addition, I have a lot of fun with the staff. I talk to them about things like sports, home and life lessons. We go play outside at 4:30 p.m. right after we finish our homework. Another thing l like is messing with my teachers. Like for instance, I like to bother my teacher Ms. Turner. I like messing with her by taking her keys or glasses. I also like to bother my other teacher Ms. Williams, who is fun to mess with. During a free day we were on the computer playing in her class. So I went and plugged in y mouse to her computer and began to move it only when she was looking at the monitor, she thought she was crazy. Everyone was laughing. When she found out it was me she started to laugh too. The other staff I like to mess around with is Ms. Mercy. I talk to her when she warms up our food. I always take her lunch bag, and she sometimes does it to me too. At lunch time, Ms. Mercy and I talk and play. I bother her and she bothers me.

I also like to help out in my school. One of the ways is by throwing out the trash after lunch; another way is by helping Mr. Luis. Mr. Luis is the school support. I also pick up trash that is around; I like to keep the school clean. Even though this is a small school, we have staff that cares about and protects us. They make sure you are on track and help you with any problem, mind, body and spirit.

When I think of this, two men come to mind. One, he's my best friend, spiritually and mentally. He talks to me, and encourages me not to fight; in case of any problems with a student I should tell the teacher. This man is Mr. David. The second one is Mr. Dale my afternoon staff. He helps me with my homework. To me, Mr. Dale is cool, keeps his cool and stays calm. When I leave, I will miss all of this, the staff, the teachers but mostly the bonds we have. -Alex, Eighth Grade, Essay Award Winner

What His House Academy means to me it changed in my life for the good. His House Academy is a Christian school where I've gotten better grades. I have bought God into my life. Also, It's a place where I received one-on-one attention. His House Academy is an awesome place for learning.

When I didn't attend His House Academy, I didn't have God as my personal savior. I believed in God, but I was cursing at the same time. When I came to His House Academy, I became a full Christian. I read the Bible every day. Also, I attended church. Secondly, before I came to His House Academy, I wasn't a good kid. I was disrespectful and disobedient to my teacher. When I came here my behavior got better. In addition, I was getting bad grades. I never liked to do my assignments or homework. I never concentrated when my teacher explained the work. It was hard for me to focus. But there I've received better grades. I completed all of my assignments and homework. I concentrate better because there are fewer children.

Finally, at His House Academy, I've received one-on-one attention. When I need help with any work, my teacher will be right there helping me. They will explain the work, and I'll try to do it. If I had trouble doing it, my teacher will give me examples.
His House Academy has great teachers ready to teach you. This is the best school I've ever attended. It has changed my personality and my life and I also have God in me.
I thank the teachers, Ms. Hernandez, Ms. Williams, and Ms. Turner for helping me for these past three years. This is what His House Academy means to me. -Lazaro, Eighth Grade

His House Academy means a lot to me, I met some nice people. It is a blessing to have attended a Christian school. An example is when we have a luncheon or ice cream social. Some of the schools my friends go to, people don't bring them anything.

First, I want to say His House Academy staff pushes you to be the best you can be. That is what I like about the staff. The people are love at this school. Whenever you need help, all you need to do is ask and you'll be helped. Secondly, you can meet nice people. When I came to His House Academy last year I didn't know anybody. But I was quick to make new friends. The teachers at His House Academy are nice and helpful. The one thing I like about the staff is that they can talk to you about God at any time. They can pray with you whenever you need to be prayed for. Last of all, it is a blessing to be at this school, because I can learn more about the Bible. Whenever Ms. Turner or Ms. Williams are not talking about God, God gets himself into the subject. That is what I like about His House Academy.

That is what His House Academy means to me. I am going to miss His House Academy and my classmates. I am going to see two of my classmates but I hope all of my classmates do well in High school. - Armani, Eighth Grade

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