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What is a Kids’Keeper

A Kids’ Keeper is a special friend of His House Children’s Home who provides a backbone of support for our ministry through monthly giving. While Kids’ Keeper gifts range from as little as $10 a month to $1000 or more, each Kids’ Keeper has a special bond with His House and the hundreds of children whom we serve each year through our residential and foster programs.

In a cozy homelike setting, His House cares for children in crisis in the State’s custody. Each cottage provides a home for 10 to 12 children and is staffed by nurturing childcare professionals.

Our On-site Counseling Center provides individual, family and group therapy to help children heal from past abuse and restore their lives through healthy emotions and behavior.

His House provides care for children needing long-term placement. Through our Foster Care Program we recruit, train and license foster parents to care for these children. In 2015 we placed 64 children in loving and nurturing foster homes in the community.

Our Mentorship Program is designed to provide healthy role models for the children staying with us.  One-on-one mentoring relationships are critical for all children – especially those who have experienced abuse and neglect from adults in their lives whom they should have been able to trust.

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Did You Know?

  • In the Tri-County 38 children enter into the foster care system area on a weekly basis
  • Most of these, sibling groups of 3 or more children in a family
  • In South Florida, 58% of children in foster care are 5 years old and younger
  • 28.9% of children in foster care are between the ages of 6 - 12 years old
  • His House has cared for over 14,000 hurting children in the last 28 years
  • In the last year close to 1,500 called His House their HOME
  • In 2016 His House provided over 600 meals per day to at-risk children
  • In South Florida, 58% of children in foster care are 5 years old and younger

Kids are Counting on YOU today!!!

Become a Kids' Keeper

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