ITN and Amerijet – Delivering Better Lives

ITN and Amerijet – Delivering Better Lives

ITN and Amerijet – Delivering Better Lives


On Saturday, January 27th our friends from ITN & Amerijet spent the day beautifying four cottages on campus. Sponsored by "Delivering Better Lives", close to 100 volunteers worked diligently to organize and decorate the children’s homes throughout this special day. 

We deeply appreciate – "Delivering Better Lives", ITN & Amerijet  for their tireless efforts in making this important project possible. 

At His House we greatly depend on community partners in order to provide hope and help to children in crisis. 

This is what our volunteers had to say:

It is inspiring to be part of a culture at ITN that encourages and provides us with opportunities to give back to our community. We are incredibly grateful to continue being invited to work with the His House family. Seeing what the team does 365 days a year for children in our community and those joining our community from every corner of the world warms our hearts and proves that the world is still full of love and kindness. The team at His House are the true heroes and we’re grateful to work alongside them.
ITN Team Member – Charlotte Romero

Going to His House is really becoming part of ITN’s culture and responsibility. I truly feel that is our duty to help the community and what better way to do it than at His House. Knowing that we are making a huge positive difference on the life of children in need is heartwarming. I am sure that they adore to feel they are appreciated and loved. That is exactly want we want them to feel when we go to His House, is like a little shine of light at the end of the dark tunnel and as soon as you see it you can feel hope.
ITN Team member – Jose Luis De la Fuente

My son and I enjoyed working on cottage 27. While we were changing the sheets in the room, seeing the small stuff animals like the cookie monster just made me tear up, but at the same time reminded me of how important our role was. The cleaning & redecorating gave new life to the cottage which I’m sure the boys are enjoying. I felt it was very important for my 16 year old son to be a part of this as he came out with a greater appreciation of what we have. We as iTN were honored to be part of this charitable event. Thank you for having us!
ITN Worldwide – Adriana Rego

We are honored and grateful to be participating partners with His House Children’s Home, our annual Cottage Makeover is now part of our essence and we look forward to be a part of the loving environment at His House for a long time!
ITN Worldwide -Daniel Grimes

Are you looking to make a difference in your local community? Please contact Sandra at

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