helping the kids at His House

during Christmas

The Holidays is a time for healing, peace, love and hope. For children in foster care who have experienced the worst of the pandemic, it will mean that much more.

What do the Holidays mean

to children in Foster Care

At His House, Thanksgiving and Christmas are very special for children experiencing anxiety and sadness during what should be an otherwise happy and joyous time for children. For many children living at His House, the Holiday experience they have with us is the first of many first experiences.

It is the first time they sit down as a family and enjoy a home-cooked hot meal sitting at a table joined in prayer and love; the first time they not only receive their first Christmas gift but one that is unique to them. The first time they may not only have a Christmas tree but actually be around others who love and care for them as they decorate it and put up the Christmas star or angel. It is through these special intimate times where they can truly experience the spirit of the holidays therefore creating positive memories.

What can I do?

Through your kind and generous spirit of sharing your time, talent and treasure, we have created several exciting opportunities for you to make Christmas special for our children particularly during this pandemic.

Sponsor Thanksgiving Dinner

Sponsor a home for Thanksgiving Dinner this year and make this holiday memorable! For many of our children, this will be a first-ever Thanksgiving celebration. Your donation will help provide a delicious catered, traditional Thanksgiving meal for every child at His House. For more information, contact Adrienne:

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This very special event is the start of the Christmas season at His House. Traditionally, faithful friends would sponsor the homes providing decorations and food. This year we are planning something very special to keep our children and friends safe. Click here for dates, details and how you can participate.

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Receiving their first Christmas gift is a special heart-warming experience for our children. This year we are providing a safe and convenient method to make this Christmas extra-special for all the children that call His House home. Please download our Christmas Drives PDF for details of how you can help lift the spirit of Children this Christmas!

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Your tax deductible financial contribution this Christmas will help us continue to provide our children with a home that is safe and loving as we restore their lives. For more information, please email Adrienne:

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Get involved this year and help us make Christmas special. From helping us decorate our campus to helping us coordinate gifts for the children, know there is a place for you this holiday season. For more information, please email Samantha:

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At His House, we create beautiful memories throughout the month of December with Five Fun Fridays! Each Friday our children are surprised with holiday-themed party to celebrate the joy of Christmas. To sponsor an event, email Adrienne:

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Get involved this holiday season.

For more information, please contact:

Adrienne Simeon


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