Grateful every day. Raquel’s Story.

Raquel E. has not been able to have children of her own, but was always impressed by individuals who fostered or adopted children. When she became a foster parent herself, she came to value any amount of time she got to share with the child. Raquel states, “I am grateful every day for the opportunity God has presented me with to offer a loving home to a child, to attend to his needs, and to enjoy the family experience.”

Raquel has fostered two children. Although one child was with her for only three days, she felt that her home was a safe haven for that short time. Of her current placement she says, “It has been an awesome experience, being able to foster the child (who has been) in my home for the past fifteen months. Just seeing his face when he looks at me is priceless. He makes my day when I go to his bed in the mornings and he opens his arms for me to pick him up and then hugs me.”

While the experience has been awesome, Raquel has had to face multiple challenges. She has had to deal with her foster child’s health issues, kept multiple doctor appointments, tried different milks and medications, and has gone to court to keep up with the legal issues throughout the process.

Having a good support system of “family, good friends, the licensing group, and being part of the FAPA group and attending their support meetings” has allowed Raquel “to find the strength to overcome whatever the situation and to keep taking things a day at a time.”

Raquel encourages anyone who desires to begin the fostering journey to first ask this simple question, “Do you have room in your heart to share with a foster child? Because if you do, that’s all you need. Once a child is in your life, you will not regret it. My life has changed for the best, knowing I am helping a child who did not have a loving and stable home.”

popdevteamGrateful every day. Raquel’s Story.