Foster a Child

Foster A Child

The Foster Care Recruitment Program was established in 1996 to provide care for children needing out-of-home placement. His House recruits, retains, provides training and support to foster parents. His House counts on the support of licensed foster families in the community who have opened their hearts and homes to children in our care.

Foster Family Recruitment

Below are a list of Foster Care Licensing Requirements

  • Complete a Foster and Adoption training course (at least 21 hours)
  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • May be single, married, widowed or divorced
  • Approved background clearances (abuse registry, local, state, and national) for all household members
  • Adequate income to support family, independent of foster care board rate (proof of income)
  • Financial statement to be completed
  • Enough room for child, to include appropriate sleeping arrangements - no more than 5 children between the ages of 0-17 in the home, including adopted and birth children
  • Health inspection for your home by His House Licensing staff
  • Water Safety class (if you have a private pool - this class is taken only once)
  • CPR course (required if you reside in BROWARD county)
  • Psychotropic medication training (mandatory)
  • Medical clearance (required for DADE county; required in BROWARD only if you have a medical condition such as lupus, hypertension, diabetes, etc...)
  • Copy of a valid driver's license (with current address, unless there is a specific reason why current address cannot appear on license)
  • Copy of auto insurance (with applicants listed as drivers)
  • Copy of current pet vaccinations, including rabies shots (if applicable)
  • Home study completed by His House Licensing staff
  • Pictures of all rooms in your home
  • Family and pet pictures
  • Floor plan/evacuation plan with room dimensions and exit routes
  • Employer reference (to cover 2 years of employment
  • Three personal references
  • Adult child reference (if applicable)
  • Life story/autobiography (each parent)
  • Twelve hours of training per year after being licensed (BROWARD county)
  • Eight hours of training per year after being licensed (DADE county)
  • Re-licensure paperwork annualy
  • Stable physical, mental and emotional well-being
  • If you are grieving a major loss/life change, it is suggested that you wait for at least a year before proceeding with the process.


...and some frequently asked questions.


What is the Foster Care Program?
What is the Foster Care Program? The Foster Care Program offers you an opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child, who at the moment has no available parent or relatives willing and able to care for him/her. You will be able to give that child the stability his/her life needs at a time when he/she is facing confusion and distress, by caring for the child in your home and integrating the child into your family.
How long do foster children stay in foster care?
How long do foster children stay in foster care? Foster care is a temporary arrangement for children while their parents are rectifying the situation that brought the child into care. The amount of time a child spends in foster care varies by each case. The law requires, in most circumstances, that every effort be made to reunite children with their parents as soon as it is safe for the child. If the child cannot be reunited safely within a certain period of time (approximately 12-15 months), the law requires that another permanent home be found for the child.
Who are the children waiting to be placed in foster care?
Who are the children waiting to be placed in foster care? Children of all ages, origins, ethnicity and backgrounds are in foster care. However, they share one common thread - all of these children need a loving family and a place to call home. Most children in foster care are removed from their parents' care due to abuse, abandonment or neglect by the parents. The children are put in foster care through no fault of their own. Generally, the agency is especially in need of foster parents who can:

  • stay at home to care for newborns under 6 weeks old< ?li>
  • take sibling groups, especially of mixed gender
  • care for children with behavioral or mental health issues
  • care for children with medical needs
  • care for teenagers and provide independent living training

Will there be a cost?
Will there be a cost? No, there is no cost to complete the state-required Foster Parent course. Also, you will not be required to pay a “fee” for fostering a child from the foster care system, however you can expect nominal incidental costs throughout the process of caring for a child in your home.
Who can receive a home study?
Who can receive a home study? A home study is a collaborative effort between the family and the foster care management agency. A home study will be provided at no cost to you by the agency, once you decide to pursue a foster care license with His House.
Can foster parents adopt their foster children?
Can foster parents adopt their foster children? Yes. If the biological parents of the foster children do not complete their Case Plans in a timely manner (usually within 12-15 months), the court may terminate their parental rights and the child will be free for adoption. The foster parents are usually the first choice for adoption of a child that has been in their care. The biological parents will not be able to regain custody of the child once their rights have been terminated and they have exhausted their appeals in the Dependency Court system.
Do I get paid to be a foster parent?
Do I get paid to be a foster parent? No, foster parenting is a volunteer position. However, you will receive a monthly board rate (approximately $450) to assist with the physical needs (food, clothing, extra-curricular activities, etc.) of the child. For more information, please refer to the Foster Care Licensing Requirements on the website at, attend one of the Foster Parent Orientations offered throughout the year, or call the Licensing Department at 305-430-0085, ext. 240

Licensing Team

Armando Bringuier - Licensing Director, (o) 305.430.0085 ext. 308

Sonia Granados - Licensing Supervisor, (o) 305.430.0085 ext. 220

Marisol Moreno - Licensing Coordinator (o) 305.430.0085 ext. 240

Cherry Edwards - Licensing Specialist (o) 305.430.0085 ext. 243

Stephanie Schein - Licensing Specialist (o) 305.430.0085 ext 236

Georgian Douglas - Foster Parent Support Specialist (o) 305.430.0085 ext. 306