Celebrating National Foster Care Month – Nicole


Celebrating National Foster Care Month – Nicole

“God has called us to be instruments of love for these amazing, beautiful children” – Meet Nicole:

During this National Foster Care Month, Nicole, who has been fostering children for just a few months now, shares this perspective on being a foster parent.

“My husband, Luis, and I were motivated to become foster parents because of a very strong conviction God has called us to be instruments of love for these amazing, beautiful children.

We recently held a special “welcome party” for the two siblings in our care.  From the very beginning, we desire that the children feel fully accepted.  

Being a foster mom is my opportunity to accomplish God’s plan in my life and to fulfill my desire to be a mom. I love their smiles and laughter … to hold them in my arms and let them know they are loved and cared for … to pray and sing with them.  I enjoy the children so much and every little experience is so memorable.

Fostering can come with its challenges, but our family has already experienced the amazing love and support offered by close friends and family who desire to join us on this journey.  

In just a few months of caring for children in need, my perspective on life has completely changed.  I appreciate my mom and other parents way more now.  I understand now how all of the hard work my mom put in allowed me to be where I am right now.

Like my mom, I want to leave a footprint on the lives of the children we care for – and generations to come – so that they know God loves them unconditionally, and will always be there for them.

These kids are not only changing our lives, but they will impact people everywhere they go.”

Is there room in your heart and your home?

Consider becoming a Foster Parent. Contact Marisol Moreno at mamoreno@www.hhch.org to find out more.

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