Celebrating National Foster Care Month – Garay Family


Celebrating National Foster Care Month – Garay Family

“Being a foster mother has brought a different meaning to my life” – Meet The Garay Family:

After many years trying to have a child, God gave us the miracle of our biological son “Gabriel” that was the most beautiful gift I have ever received. Being a mother changed my life; it helped me be more sensitive to others sorrows and taught me to give with no limitations. Being a mother brought an immense joy to my heart. We wished to have more children, but it was not possible. After few difficult years of trying and one painful loss, we gave it up to the Lord in prayers; we surrendered our desire to him. Then, through different events, He revealed his plan to us; we needed to become a foster family.

Being a foster mother has brought a different meaning to my life; one truly un-explainable, but I will try.  I understand now that “fertility” is not only biological, but God could make us fertile in a different way: giving us a warm and loving home open to others especially to a child who’s only needs  are “love and stability”. God made us fertile with a home filled with love, joy and hope.

Being a foster mom has been a big journey; devoting our love and time to our foster son but also helping his parents (especially his biological mother) in their work to be reunified with their son. Now I understand God’s plan for me; he made me a mom to be able to give myself to a child who needs love without limitations, as well as to understand the pain of a mother who suffers for not being close to her child; I am blessed for the opportunity to carry their cross and keeping up their hope for a better life.

What’s the big reward in being a foster mom you ask?  It is the opportunity to show my son and my family how to be sensitive to the needs of others and to share his many blessings. I don’t know how long our foster son will be with us, but I am embracing this opportunity today; that is the great lesson: live my life in full TODAY, treasure every moment with my loved ones TODAY, giving all of myself TODAY; not thinking about tomorrow; just live TODAY with joy even with the difficult times.

Praise the Lord, Oh my soul.

Is there room in your heart and your home?

Consider becoming a Foster Parent. Contact Marisol Moreno at mamoreno@www.hhch.org to find out more.

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