Celebrating a very special Mom this Mother’s Day!

Celebrating a very special Mom this Mother’s Day!

Meet Johany…

Here at His House Children’s Home, we see foster parents step into the broken lives of precious children, welcoming them to their homes, their families and their hearts. In the month of May, we celebrate these heroes with National Foster Care Month.

This month, we are blessed to share stories of some special foster parents we have the privilege of working with here at His House. This week for Mother’s Day, we want to share a letter received from an amazing new foster mom.  

Dear His House,

First, thank you Lord for this amazing task that you have chosen us to do!

A few weeks ago, our first foster children came into our home. My husband called me earlier in the day to inform me that he had received a call from His House about children needing a home. I was excited, yet nervous. I got home at my regular time, fed the dogs, made sure that everything was perfect for when the kids arrived. The waiting was killing me. I think I prayed 5 times while I waited.

When they arrived, we introduced them to our 2 dogs. We showed them their room and the rest of the house. They came with only the clothes they were wearing and a few other things, so we went to the store to purchase the essentials they needed to get through the next day. Our first night was a good night!

The next morning as I woke up to prepare them for school, I realized that from this point on, our lives would not be the same. My feelings changed—I realized that I was no longer thinking about my husband and myself, but it was all about the children to whom we were commissioned to help bring healing. At that point, my motherly instincts kicked in, something I thought would never happen. I felt love, compassion, joy, doubt, excitement and protective towards those babies. During that one week we had the children, I grew this sense of good jealousy.

We paid attention to the classes we received from these great young teachers. All those lessons were our manual to our first fostering experience – their reactions, emotions, the space they needed to adjust, and little or no talking. The compassion and love you must show is so important as it is a rollercoaster ride — but a good one.

I end with this. Even though it was just one week, I would not change it for the world. It is definitely something we want to continue doing. When the first foster children left our home, my husband and I were sad. Our hearts were broken yet we were happy that the children were being reunited with their other siblings and staying together with grandma.

I experienced feelings I never felt before. Seeing and receiving the support from our friends, families and church, I found out something very important: “I CAN be a mother.” Remember a mother is not just those who give birth; it’s those who will fight to the end.

Thank you for the trust you placed in us,

Johany Caban

Is there room in your heart and your home?

Consider becoming a Foster Parent. Contact Marisol Moreno at mamoreno@www.hhch.org to find out more.

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