Blessed Beyond Measure! Meet Michael…

Blessed Beyond Measure! Meet Michael…

Meet Michael…

Dear His House Friend,

As we celebrate Father’s Day this year, His House would like to share a beautiful, honest story from a little different perspective – that of a foster father. Here’s Michael’s story in his own words:

Having raised 3 children and 3 stepchildren, I thought, “How hard could it be?” when my wife and I first began to entertain the idea of fostering. So we launched into the program with excitement and enthusiasm.

But after hearing horror story after horror story while plodding through the licensing process, my question changed from “How hard could it be?” to “What have we gotten ourselves into?”

Let me just say, we got ourselves into the most rewarding and amazing experience of our lives.
Our girls – yes, we claim them 100% — have acclimated and become part of our family. I cannot begin to express the joy and blessings they have brought to our home.

Watching our girls transform from 2 very reserved, shy and quite frankly, defeated young ladies into vibrant, charming and lively kids has been amazing! After a few short weeks of getting to know each other, they began to be “normal” pre-teen girls. (You know—emotional, boundary pushing, silly and just plain delightful.)

Well, as a “Dad,” watching them develop, come out of their shells and begin to trust us with their emotions, fears and dreams has been the most rewarding thing to me.

We are a family now, forever bonded together. What more could a Father ask for?

I thank God for allowing us to love, nurture and help grow these girls. This experience has simply blessed us and our home beyond measure.

Michael Hargis

Are you ready for the most rewarding and amazing experience of your life?

Do you have room in your heart and your home for children in desperate need of a safe, loving home and family? Please consider becoming a foster parent. Contact Marisol Moreno at to find out more.

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