An Easter Gift of New Life…

An Easter Gift of New Life…

Easter is the promise of hope and new life that Jesus’ death and resurrection has made possible for each of us.

Here at His House Children’s Home, with the help of caring friends like you, we are blessed to see the lives of children renewed and restored on a daily basis! Children like Reggie and Michael . . .

In January, 14-year-old Reggie and his 9-year-old brother Michael arrived at His House. Sadly this marked the fourth time the siblings had been removed from their home because of severe abuse. They came to His House with nothing but the clothes they were wearing, and a load of shame that Reggie felt because others were seeing him in this condition.

While both brothers displayed signs of emotional abuse, Reggie had been the target of the greatest physical abuse. Arriving with both arms broken, he was unable to feed himself, shower or take care of his most basic needs on his own.

Embarrassed by his condition and in much physical pain, Reggie would not leave his room for the first few days. The staff in his cottage would feed him, help him change his clothing and wrap his casts in plastic so that he could take a shower.

As their trust grew, Reggie and Michael slowly became more willing to spend time interacting with the staff and the other children.

We are encouraged to see the progress the brothers have made since they arrived, but we also know they have a long journey ahead in their healing process.

At His House, these kids now have a chance to begin a new life. And that’s why I’m emailing you today!

At any time of the day or night, we may receive a call about an abused, abandoned or neglected child – or children – who are in desperate need of our care. We must be ready to welcome them and provide them with safe, loving homes. But we can’t do that without your help!

Your Easter gift of $250, $100, $50 or even $25 – whatever you are able to give – will help provide the opportunity for a new life and a brighter future for children in need in South Florida.

Please click here to make your gift right now – it will change lives!

Easter blessings to you,



Silvia Smith Torres
Executive Director

P.S. Please send your most generous gift today – His Kids are counting on our help!